Women of Intuition 2024

Women of Intuition is a 6 month immersion group program that is designed to support, shift and transform your life into the vision you dream of. In this program you will get focused and clear on what your goals are. You will create healthy habits and rituals that cultivate your deep wisdom and intuition so that you can live your biggest and most fulfilled life!

What will I learn in this immersion?

Here is the layout….

Open Doors, Open Arms

Month 1: Unlock your Deep Knowing / Discover your Dharma / Align with the Cycles of the Moon and your Deep Wild Self…

Show up everyday. Dive in. Lose yourself in being.

In month one you will be working on cultivating your intuition.

You will learn how to craft a daily practice that mines the deep vein of intuition within you. These rituals and habits may include things like yoga, meditation, laying out morning oracle cards, or setting up an altar. Each woman’s practice will be unique to her and her goals, all the while stoking the inner fire of self discovery. 

You will identify what is holding you back, so that you can hold a clear vision and take action.

Trust your inner knowing so that you can find beauty in what you do. 

Month 2: Beautiful Boundaries / Speaking your Truth / Mantra & Sound Current / Yes and More Please / Yes, No, or No for now…

Within the long term structure of the group you will feel safe and supported so that you can practice expressing yourself freely and authentically.

Become aware of when you are staying quiet and getting in your own way so that you don’t rock the boat.

Learn to deal with confrontation so that you can speak your truth clearly without shrinking or puffing up.

We will master the art of listening in this immersion. Each month we will practice the skill of active listening so that we can notice when we trail off and disconnect when someone is sharing their heart with us.

You will speak words in alignment with who you truly are.

Discover tools that will help you stand up for yourself and your needs so that you stop taking responsibility for other’s feelings.

We will work on boundary setting, which is a master life skill to embody. With the help of the group you will have a safe space to practice this skill and to discover which boundaries in your life are and aren’t being upheld.

Month 3: Heart Space / Belonging / Culitvating Confidence / Wheel of Life – Cycles & Seasons / Core Values / Dreaming into Future Possibilities

In month three we will be working with our heart. In this retreat we will be identifying areas of our lives where we hurt so that we can embody more loving-kindness, compassion and empathy.

You will learn the 3 keys to finding belonging and connection, a pivotal point in the program.

We will have weekly assignments that foster self love, like taking time for yourself (going for a walk, buying yourself some flowers, sitting alone in the park and journaling) so that you can connect to what you really love and enjoy. When you fall in love with yourself you open yourself up to truly loving others and life itself.

You will be held and supported by the growing bond of the group. Part of the healing medicine of the program is in knowing you aren’t alone in your struggles and challenges, this will help you to open your heart more and more, which will naturally lead into feeling more love and compassion for others.

When you allow others to be who they are instead of attempting to mold them to yours and others expectations of them, you also find freedom to be your authentic self, living with more peace, more freedom and ultimately more joy.

You will work on noticing and questioning the stories you tell yourself. You will unwrap and examine those stories so that you can discover if they are serving your higher good. You will also strengthen your ability to play with telling new stories, ones that may be more helpful and constructive in the present and toward the future you want to create.

In our group work and home support sessions we will become familiar with our inner critic so that we can finally reassign that voice with a new position aimed at supporting and encouraging you.

Month 4: Indecision and Doubt vs. Trusting Your Gut and Taking Action

You will notice when you are in worry-mode, succumbing to self sabotage and doubt so that you can learn to trust your gut, and when you might just need more information.

Unpack the 5 steps of decision making and use these these in a practical way.

Somatics, sounding and harnessing Prana (life-force energy) to befriend our nervous system and sooth toxic stress and anxiety. Polyvagal theory goodness.

When you get to know yourself so intimately so deeply that you can hear clearly the deep wisdom of intuition say “do it” you don’t waiver, you take action. In turn when you know something is off, something just isn’t right, you can confidently say “NO” without explanation needed.

Month 5: Joy / Play / Movement & Creativity


In month five we will welcome a more playful attitude toward life and awaken joy!

Discover what lights you up, what is your soul’s passion? Learn to stop being stingy with yourself and instead give yourself permission to live life with vim and vigor.

We will get outside of our comfort zones, let go of outcomes and enjoy the process of creation.

We will be reintroduced to our inner child and be there for her, which will unlock stagnant and stuck places within ourselves so that we can move toward a sense of support, freedom, and peace.

We will work on being open to change and embracing spontaneity to create life in the closed off spaces inside of us and move toward more of a flow state.

Month 6: Be Rooted / Planted in Solid GroundIMG_5054

You will get grounded so that you can deal with life’s disturbances and stay in your center of peace no matter what life throws at you.

You will get real about time management, money, fear of failure, fear of succeeding and actually getting what you want so that you can create the life of your dreams.

Discover how to sync your daily activities with your most important goals and priorities so that you can free up time to do the things that are most important to you.

With the support of the group you will be held accountable on the goals you set throughout the six month program. In this last month you will assess your long term and short term goals, culminating toward crafting an aftercare plan to maximize your work done in the program and ensure future success toward living your best life.

This 6 month journey includes:

  • 6 in-person Saturday retreats (once a month)
  • 10:00am – 4:30/5:00pm
  • Weekly co-counseling sessions with members
  • Assignments / prompts provided
  • Comprehensive intake assessment (Emailed)
  • Monthly Om-work assignments (ie; sacred soul-care routines, yoga, meditation etc.) and an option to attend my Thursday morning yoga classes or weekly High Vibe Fit classes (price of classes not included in program)
  • One Zoom call a month for whole group to join in on
  • Master mind/ Home group meetings in person or via phone/ Zoom (participant initiated and led)
  • Women of Intuition gift bag with our reading material (surprise book, to be revealed when we begin)
  • Kundalini Yoga / Breath-work/ Mindfulness embedded in every retreat

Schedule Each Month

Women of Intuition retreats will take place in location TBA

Saturday dates for 2024: TBA

Example of schedule… 

Week 1

We meet in circle

Receive Om-work/ sacred soul-care prompts 

Group Zoom call on Wednesday following our retreat (will be recorded if you can’t attend live)

Week 2

Om-work/ sacred soul-care

Schedule a co-counseling session for this week and do co-counseling prompt

Week 3

We meet in circle

Om-work/ sacred soul-care

Mastermind or home group meeting, in person, phone or Zoom

Week 4

Make up week if you haven’t done assignments

Schedule a co-counseling session for this week and do co-counseling prompt

Turn in “Women of Intuition Check In” by Wednesday evening

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