Hi there, I specialize in supporting brilliantly smart humans tap into their divine birthright of INTUITION so that they can harness the power of alignment and create lives that they love. Over the last 10 years I have been weaving this magic through leading transformational group programs, private coaching and mentoring, yoga teacher trainings and weekly yoga classes. I have helped countless people manifest their dreams into reality while taking the rein’s as the hero’s of their own lives. I call this journey: “Waking Up to Yourself”, we do this and other soul-work in my Women of Intuition immersion programs.



How has working with Jill and being a part of Women of Intuition impacted your life?

“How has is not? I came into Women of Intuition wanting connection, and intimacy, and to feel like I have meaning and purpose in my life, and I leave on this last day of the program getting teary eyed, and emotional because, it’s given me all of that already. Often times I think about my life in terms of, things that are missing, but I can sit here right now and think about all of the things that the universe has given, and honestly, if it wasn’t for Women of Intuition, and Jill and her questions, and the support system of all the other females, I don’t think I would be where I am… I leave here today, with a whole group of females I feel absolutely connected to, and an intimacy to the world and to my life that I didn’t feel before.” – Sarah

“The biggest impact has been allowing myself to invite other women into my space, my heart, my life, to trust a woman, to allow myself to be vulnerable, and feel supported by HER.” – Erica

“Everything is different. From the moment I found out about the opportunity, and took the leap of faith, I feel like a whole different person, and feel like my real self, like i know me more… that I’m a better friend, mom, wife, and capable of anything.” – Tracee

“Women of Intuition has been a journey of going deeper into my own life with other women, going together with Jill guiding us… working to find the next steps for my life. I think it’s just a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself and build more intimacy in all of your relationships.” – Sabrina

“It taught me new daily rituals, daily self care, it had a very positive impact. I’ve had so many new discoveries, the reiki, the cards, the meditating, the mantras, it just opened up a whole new world I knew nothing about…. I was just like a little kid who was curious and wanted to learn everything I could about all of it!” – Robin

What was your greatest take-away from Women of Intuition?

“The women that I met, it’s nice to be in a group of women of like-mind, who believe in working on bettering themselves and working on getting to know yourself better, being more in tune with your intuition… I will love and cherish these women for the rest of my life.” – Sabrina

“My greatest take-away was that you’re not alone in this world, there is tribe that wants to hang out and grow with you.” – Robin

If you were to recommend Women of Intuition to a friend what would you say?

“Do it! There’s gonna be lots of tears and laughter… but you are going to walk away on this last day, feeling that you’re standing in your truth and you’ve allowed others to see that.” – Erica

“Don’t think, just do it. Find a way… don’t let cost, or time, or fear or self doubt get in the way. Don’t think. Just do it!” – Tracee

“I would say it’ just a fantastic vehicle and journey of getting to know yourself deeper, getting to know more about skills and processes to get deep inside of you and to learn how to be more intuitive. Jill is an amazing teacher who cares for each and everyone of us, very loving and kind. I just think it was a fantastic journey, and I would do it again!” – Sabrina

“I would say, just join, just do it! There are no regrets, it doesn’t hurt, jump in and do it!” – Robin

What working with Jill re-affirmed in me…

On a personal note, for me, working with Jill re-affirmed my intuition, as I had little mini awakenings throughout the program where something would come to me, a thought or feeling that I knew all along, but just needed to be brought forth.  This occurred during meditations and when we were all discussing things.  The sound healing bath also awakened my throat chakra, as I felt a vibration in the middle of my throat that went up out through my mouth and up into my ears… This workshop helped me realize or re-affirm what I know deep down, which is, I should not let fear guide me. In addition, I learned a lot about taking care of my physical, spiritual and emotional bodies and of those whom I love or care about.  It also re-affirmed kindness, compassion and not harming yourself or others.  I know there is more I need to learn, so I will be looking to take more of Jill’s workshops and classes. – Katherine


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